Schuldschein issuance.
With finpair

We have streamlined the process of Schuldschein issuance down to the essentials for you. With all the important steps online. In this way, we make it possible for you as a borrower to structure your Schuldscheine individually and market them efficiently. With the certainty that you can always rely on the experience and expertise of our expert team. 

Process/ issuers


In the first step, the borrower defines all relevant parameters of the Schuldschein - from the loan amount to the schedule.


After a quality check of the Schuldscheindarlehen structure, the borrower can upload all documents necessary for the issue directly on the platform and make them available to potential investors.


finpair automatically informs all listed investors about the deal and offers issuers an overview of all incoming orders. The borrower can then decide on the allocation of the tranches.

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